Throat Support Spray

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Are you guys ready for winter? Well, really it seems to have already started. What do you have in your purse to combat those sticky little fingers that touch EVERYTHING and then bring it home? We LOVE all things Thieves in our house. We don't leave home without our Thieves Hand Purifier and Thieves Spray. And during the winter months I always have in our cabinet, my Thieves Throat Support Spray.

I've only been using essential oils for a short time. But in that short time, we have seen just how amazing and beneficial Young Living EO have been in every area of our life. Today I want to share our family's Throat Support Spray recipe. It's super easy to make!! 

Throat Support Spray*
-1/8 oz. Vodka
-1 1/2 oz. Purified Water
-15 drops Young Living Thieves Vitality Essential Oil Blend
-5 drops Young Living Lemon Vitality Essential Oil
-2 tsp. raw honey (Where to find)
-2 oz. glass spray bottle (Where to find)

Mix together and store in a 2 oz. dark glass spray bottle. 
Just shake & spray 1-2 squirts on the back of the throat for soothing relief.

*I only recommend using Young Living Essential Oils in this recipe. You can purchase Young Living Essential Oils HERE.

How to Get Started with Essential Oils

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  1. have you used this homemade spray, I would think the honey might clog the nozzle.

  2. Yes. I have. I haven't had any trouble with the nozzle. You can always reduce the amount of honey to 1 tsp if you find that it clogs your nozzle.

  3. Thanks, just wanted before I tried, I always seem to have problems with sprayers.

  4. Just wanted to say i'm the witch, brewing things up, That's ok as long as i keep them well.

  5. No problem :) Yes, anything to keep the family healthy.

  6. How long do you think this week keep?

  7. As long it's kept in a cool dark place, I would say 6 months or longer.

  8. Can children use this? is there a sub for vodka?

  9. Yes. Children can use it. You are just spraying their throat a couple times a day. There is such a small amount of vodka in it. It's use is to help numb the back of the throat. You can leave it out if you prefer though :)

  10. Doesn't the raw honey solidify in the bottle?

  11. Is this okay to use with kiddos ages 10 and younger?

  12. Made this for a make and take class. Attendees enjoyed it. This spray is loved by my husband and a must have in our home! My kiddos use it as 11 and 9 year olds.