Our First "Oily" Vacation

We just returned from our family vacation a couple weeks ago. It was our first vacation with our almost 2 year old and also our first since we started using Young Living essential oils. It was wonderful to get away from the cold, dreary Ohio weather and enjoy Florida's warm, sunny goodness. We had the BEST weather ever and the BEST time too.

As with any vacation, I start planning weeks in advance. What am I going to bring, what do I need to buy before we leave, what snacks should I make to take on the incredibly LONG car ride... this list goes on and on. But for this vacation I had to figure out what essential oils I was going to bring too. Oh the dilemmas of an "oily" family, right? I could ONLY bring 16 oils (yes, I said 16). How could I possibly narrow it down to 16?? I REALLY wanted to bring them all!

I have to admit, I was a bit concerned about being in a small place...the back seat... with my 2 year old for what would feel like an eternity. My very sweet little girl has a mind of her own. She hates being confined and she lets you know about it. And sometimes you feel like pulling your hair out or just riding on the roof of the car. Surely you have been there at some point. My 16 year even asked if she could ride with my in-laws because she did not want to listen to screaming the whole way there. So I was praying hard, and definitely praying over my oils for a peaceful ride.

In an effort to help me decide what oils I wanted to bring, I asked my "oily" group on Facebook. I got some great suggestions. Here is what I decided on...

Believe it or not we used almost every one of them. I started everyday diffusing Peace & Calming for a "peaceful" day and put Lemon or Citrus Fresh in my water for an energy boost. Roman Chamomile is my little one's favorite calming oil. So of course that is what I chose for the car ride. I applied to her feet several times throughout the road trip. And guess what? She did not cry one single time. Although my husband DESPERATELY needed Stress Away while sitting in 4 hours of traffic, my 2 year old was a happy camper, laughing and talking. Check out this video of her while sitting in hours of traffic. Yes, she is watching Mickey Mouse. :)

You know when you go on vacation, SOMEONE is bound to get sick. You guessed it. The first night we stopped at our hotel, my 16 year old started complaining of a dry itchy throat. Thieves and Purification to the rescue!! I put Purification in the diffuser and applied Thieves to her feet, chest and neck. I also had her gargle and swallow thieves that night and again in the morning. By midday the next day she was all better. Score for this oily mommy!!

A lot of aches and discomfort come with a long car ride. I have terrible hips. Sitting in the car for that long takes a toll on them. PanAway and Copaiba were my best friends. Just a couple drops of each applied to my hips... RELIEF!!

While in Florida we visited Disney World for a day. I was so excited to see my little one's face. She LOVES Mickey Mouse, or more like is OBSESSED with Mickey Mouse. I think she would live with him if she could. Haha!! As you can imagine, the place was very busy with Spring Breakers. Lots of people equals lots of germs. Everyday while on vacation I applied Frankincense to our spines to support our immune system and Disney Day was no exception. I put Frankincense up our spines and made sure I had my Thieves hand purifier on hand. We had the BEST time!! I can't wait to go back. 

If you are anything like me, I love to eat at different places I have never been to while on vacation. And I LOVE fresh seafood!! But my stomach was not quite so happy with my choice of food some nights. Peppermint is amazing  to support our digestive system. I just diluted and applied to my stomach. Crazy how effective that was. I also found that Lemon or Citrus Fresh in my water everyday helped with stomach bloat... needing all the help I can get after two c-sections. 

Lavender was used on multiple occasions. I use it daily to help me get a great night's rest. And a little too much sun had myself and my teenager a little red. Lavender mixed in coconut oil was AMAZING!! It not only gave us relief from the discomfort but when we woke up the next day the redness was almost completely gone!! 

Disney World-Magic Kingdom

The Beach

So there you have it... Our first "oily" vacation. I think my choice of oils I brought was perfect for my family. I'd love to hear what your favorite vacation oils are. Share in the comments below.

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