Smells of the Season- Day 1 (Gumdrops)

I am so excited about my "Smells of the Season" blog posts. Today is Day 1 of several posts. The holidays have always been a fun and exciting time in our house. I have many wonderful memories from my childhood of Christmas time. My parents always made it special and I am trying my best to pass that down with my kiddos. Everything from walking forever in the freezing cold to find that perfect Christmas tree to cut down, drinking hot chocolate with the fire place ablaze and listening to Christmas music (on the record player... Gosh I feel old. Haha!!) as we decorate the tree, turning our house into a winter wonderland with decorations (mostly stuff we made at school. The best kind of Christmas decorations), making gingerbread houses, baking yummy cut-out Christmas cookies and fudge and really anything else you can think of... to turning the outside of the of our house into the Festival of Lights. I absolutely LOVE Christmas time!!

With all the memories I carry with me, I also think about the smells that go along with them. There is nothing like the smells of Christmas time. They flood my heart with so much happiness. That is why I decided to do a series called... Smells of the Season

We all know how awful plug-ins, room sprays and candles are for us by now. There seems to be articles popping up all over the place about the effects they have on our health. Check out THIS article from Women's Day magazine. Just plain scary. But I know for some of you, it is a MUST to have your home smelling good, so you burn those candles and have plug-ins in every room in your home. Honestly I used to be one of those people until I realized a couple years ago just how bad they really were.

So what is the alternative? There are several things you can do to have that chemical-free wonderful holiday-smelling home. 
  • Diffusing- (My favorite way!) Great way to fill the room with yummy scents
  • Scented Pinecones- super easy and can be used for holiday decoration (Find out how to make them HERE)
  • DIY Room Spray- this is super easy too!!
    • How to make: Just add your desired Young Living essential oils to a spray bottle... like THESE!! Fill the remainder of the bottle with water. Screw on the nozzle. Slap on a label and there you have it. Just shake and spray! I have one in every bathroom.
  • Make your own plug-ins
    • You can use any plug-in really. I have only used Bath & Body plug-ins though. This is really great if you have empty plug-ins laying around. Just remove the wick (I used a needle nose pliers) and add about 20 drops (or more... depending on how strong you want it) of your desired Young Living essential oil to the bulb. Fill the remainder with water, leaving room to reinsert the wick. Then plug-in and enjoy!!
See... there are several ways to have your home smelling wonderful, without harmful toxins filling the air. And I promise it works!!

Today's "Smells of the Season" Combo is GUMDROPS. It's a fun, yummy scent. How many of you remember using gumdrops to make gingerbread houses (and of course sneaking a couple to eat in the process)? I do!! We used them a lot in crafts, both at home and at school. I hope you enjoy the yumminess like we do. Smells good enough to eat :)

There you have it! Use this essential oil combo with any of the suggested ways above to fill your home with a fun, sweet, yummy smell.

How to Get Started with Essential Oils

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  1. I love these diffuser blends. I cannot wait to try them.