Jelly Beadz Sensory Fun for Toddlers

How many of you are ready for warm weather? I know we are in our house. To fight cabin fever, I am always trying to come up with different ways to keep my 2 year old busy. We have what I call "Tot School" each day through the week. It's basically activities to help her explore her sensory and motor development. Sensory and motor development is the gradual process by which a child gains use and coordination of the large muscles of the legs, trunk, and arms, and the smaller muscles of the hands. A child begins to experience new awareness through sight, touch, taste, smell, and hearing. Sensory play is a wonderful and fun way to help your little ones engage and develop these senses. 

Have you heard of Jelly Beadz? These slippery little suckers are so much fun and great for sensory play!! They keep my sweet girl busy for a looong time. They come in a bag as tiny little beadz. You just place your desired amount of beadz into a large bowl, add water, then let them soak over night. They grow about 10 times their original size. Cool... right?!! 1 tsp of dry beadz will yield about 1 quart once they have expanded. AND they will shrink back to their original size once they dry back out. 

So what do you do with these Jelly Beadz? Get creative and have fun!!! My little girl loves to stick her hands in the bowl and transfer the beadz from bowl to bowl. We also use Fine Motor Tools and a spoon to work on her fine motor development. You can get the tools HERE.  I also love to "hide" small toys in the beadz. She loves to go "fishing" for them. We have been working on animal sounds lately. I "hide" the farm animals in the beadz, then we try to find them saying a certain animal sound. So much fun!! Here is a great pack of small farm animal toys. 

Different types of cars/trucks are great to "hide" too. Help your toddler find a certain car by name or by sound. THIS pack of Cars/Trucks is great!! You can have your child lace the cars/trucks on the string provided for another great fine motor activity. 

My girl LOVES Minnie Mouse!! What little girl doesn't? :) She loves to "hide" Minnie Mouse's clothes in the beads and find each one by name. It's a great way to help your child identify clothing. Get Minnie Mouse Clothing HERE

I try to mix things up and do something different activities with the Jelly Beadz each week. Like I said, get creative and just have fun!! Our precious kiddos are only little for short time. Take advantage of that time and have fun watching them learn and grow!! 

My sweet girl loves our "Tot School" however needs a little extra support staying calm and "on task" without getting frustrated. And for that my friends, Peace & Calming essential oil is great!! I just add a drop to the beadz before we start playing and stir. That's it!! Lavender essential oil would also be a great choice! She smells the calming aroma as she plays. 

So let's recap on where to find everything...
  • Jelly Beadz (Find HERE)
  • Fine Motor Tools (Find HERE)
  • Farm Animal Toys (Find HERE)
  • Cars/Trucks (Find HERE)
  • Minnie Mouse Clothing (Find HERE)

I would love your feedback!! Did your toddler love this? 

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